The Association

The Lilliput Association is an association for social promotion born in 2009 and registered in the regional register of APS.

It is recognized and proposed in all areas of realities that allow, encourage, that every man knows himself, uses and makes use of every ability he has, brings out his own originality, can be educated to relate to everything there is. that is, seize the positivity of reality.

The Association is particularly proposed in the extra-curricular and scholastic context, as support for families and for students to study, being the school one of the first and privileged places for self-knowledge and everything that surrounds us and being the families who are primarily responsible for educating the child.

With our work we try to spread a culture of childhood that puts the child at the center by considering it a being in constant evolution, full of infinite potential to be supported and protected in the delicate moment of growth.

At the moment the Association manages two experimental educational realities for children from 3 to 11 years old, whose parents have decided to take advantage of parental education, recognized pursuant to art. 33 of the Italian Constitution. Our work therefore lies in the perspective of educational support for these member families, accompanying and supporting them in the education process that they are providing to their children.

The activities through which we try to achieve our statutory purposes are:

  • of creative, artistic, scientific, musical and theatrical workshops and courses
  • the organization of daytime workshops, aimed at socializing, accompanying the growth and education of children
  • thematic in-depth courses for parents
  • places and moments of aggregation;
  • training and cultural enrichment, through the organization of educational centers in the form of after-school activities, study groups for the various school teaching subjects and national and foreign study holidays;
  • of tourist interest, with guided tours to discover and rediscover the beauty of our territories, in all their areas (cultural, naturalistic, gastronomic, archaeological);
  • social awareness, through the promotion of activities that create opportunities for meeting and recovering disadvantaged people in any way;
  • sports participation, promoting tournaments, short courses and meetings;
  • conferences and seminars, socio-cultural in-depth meetings;
  • organization of exhibitions, cultural events and concerts;
  • initiatives to encourage the deepening of the Italian language, culture and traditions.